Advice on matters of health often comes from companies that sell products on TV, or from individuals who promote treatments stemming from self-serving agendas. Information obtained this way is often unscientific, unbalanced, and, sadly, blatantly fraudulent. Unfortunately, surrounded by all this noise, mainstream physicians are seldom heard from; moreover, few are willing to devote the time necessary to expose those ubiquitous misconceptions and to provide countering advice stemming from sound scientific research. Making matters even more treacherous are the various branches of “alternative medicine” that provide untested or worthless “treatments”, placing patients at risk of being exploited, losing their money and damaging their health. Although such alternative methods are largely employed by non-conventional and unlicensed practitioners, occasional wayward “real” doctors imprudently transcend these boundaries and promote dubious methods to large audiences on TV and other media. It is no wonder that the public is confused!

As a member of the conventional medical community, I have decided to present a balanced picture of what works, what doesn’t work, what are outright frauds, and what we really don’t know. This book is intended to provide an introduction to contemporary scientific thought processes and serve as a guide for everyone on how to follow a healthy lifestyle while, at the same time, how to avoid wasting large resources on useless—sometimes dangerous—techniques and treatments.

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Many of us want to be healthy, but it is easy to fall into different traps while trying to accomplish this goal. If you belong to this category then Dr.Morton E Tavel’s Health Tips, Myths, and Tricks is just for you. The book is filled with all the scientific facts that a common man needs to know in today’s society. It is also written in a very friendly manner so you don’t have to be someone with a scientific background in order to understand it.

The author of the book, Dr.Tavel, is a retired physician. He was a specialist in internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases. The book aims to help people live a better life. Even if you think you know everything, I still suggest you to read it. The book is formatted very well and has many chapters to help you jump directly to the topic of your interest.

The book is divided into three parts as the title suggests. The first part ‘Tips’ helps the reader to live a healthy life without losing money on useless products. It may also help you to lose some weight. The second part called ‘Myths’ busts some of the most popular myths that are ruining people’s lives.It also addresses some of the myths regarding ‘Wifi’, ‘Air travel’ and ‘Polygraph tests’ which can indirectly have some effect on a person’s healthy lifestyle. The author also backs up his data with thorough scientific research. The third part called ‘Tricks’ uncovers many marketing tactics that are designed to make your wallet empty by giving false health claims.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book as it filled me with vast amount of useful knowledge regarding health. I really loved the way the author has explained about different marketing strategies that are used to promote useless products. I was really shocked to learn about some of the clever tactics designed by the marketers to take away our money. It also helped me get rid of some of the common misconceptions regarding health. I feel that I will now be well equipped with useful knowledge whenever I want to make a change regarding health in my life.

I give this book 4 out of 4 stars as I am fully satisfied by reading it. I recommend this book to everyone who have doubts about health related issues and wants to make their lives better. You should also share this book with your friends and family as they may also benefit from it.

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